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Playing online Rummy has been growing year by year.Rummy was declared a game of skill by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in 1968 therefore playing games of skill like rummy are 100% legal to play for cash as well as entertainment. There is no scope for chance or luck to win this game except skill and strategy. You can play rummy for cash and that’s completely legal in India except Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim


Game of card involves 13 cards. Every move of the card with the formation of sets and sequences that makes a valid hand.There is no chance involved in this game. Correct calculations analysis of the cards and shuffling one can change the game in one single move. So, more you play the smarter the strategy gets.


While you play online rummy, you will enjoy the different variants of the game. From pool, deals and points . you can move from one rummy game to the other. By playing these different variants and you can win rewards . These variants are available to pick from on the user dashboard.

Pool Rummy:

2 Players 101 Points variant.

6 Players 101 Points Varient.

2 Players 201 Points Varient and

6 Players 201 Points Varient.

Deals Rummy:

This game is pre-decided number of deals 2 & 3.

2 Playes 2 Deals and

2 players 3 Daels.

Points Rummy:

It can be played with 2 to 6 players Calculate points, play one hand and win cash.


Tournaments are conducted on every Day for free and cash.


Rummy Road provides you with the highest level of safety to play online Rummy games on our platform. Safety is more important to us, and we are committed. The most important thing in a card game is fair play.Random Number Generator uses a widely recognized algorithm to generate random numbers and this has been certified.

24x7 Gameplay:-

Rummy cash Games and free Games are available round the clock for playing. Visit your dashboard and select from any variant you can to play.

Fair Play :-

Online rummy games are playing by N number of players at the same time,we are giving each player a fair opportunity to win the game by.controlling any type of fraud.

Players are adviced to monitor their gameplay budget,and time spent to play rummy online and one can even temporarily suspend their account. We are strictly not allowing under 18 years to play this game.

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Experience fun with safe, secure play online Rummy with Rummy Road.

It has been considered for the long time that playing cards is one of the most interesting and exciting games ever. The popularity of playing this game will never ending and continued development in allover the time making this game every once favorite all over options r the world. In our Rummy Road we made the game of cards with latest technology online version along with safe and secure features with multiple options of playing without any hesitation along with family and friends. Our 24X7 gaming environment comes loaded with intelligent features and allows you to challenge other players. you can download our mobile application to enjoy a game of mobile rummy.